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Despise those unscrupulous advertisements that mislead consumption! For solar power generation, the power generation capacity per square meter is about 120W, and the cost per square meter is about 1500 yuan. The larger the area, the lower the price

In 2013, the photovoltaic industry was subject to antitrust investigation in Europe and America. Overcapacity led to the closure of a large number of photovoltaic industries in Zhejiang, and the price of solar energy fell. This can be checked online at any time

It is suggested that the price of each solar water heater should be 150-180 yuan, including the cost of, materials and other expenses. If you are optimistic about whether there are reliable after-sales solar panels in the local area for power generation, it is recommended to invite bidding on a group scale, mainly because the power transformation and storage equipment are very expensive, the highest conversion rate is 17% – 20%, and the efficiency is very low, which is not as good as plant photosynthesis

At present, the national clean energy and photovoltaic power generation support policies are more than 10kW, which can be connected to the grid free of charge, but the price recovery price is very low and the procedures are cumbersome

The monthly sales of roof photovoltaic power generation is less than 20000, which can be exempted from tax. According to the provisions of the national fiscal and tax policies, the generator needs to provide the sales invoice to the power supply enterprise, and the buyer also needs the invoice to offset the cost. However, the individual power generation does not have the qualification of industrial and commercial owner, and the procedures for obtaining the invoice are complicated. Tax reduction of more than 20000 yuan by half

“”If you can’t get the invoice, it will increase the difficulty of sales for power producers and is not conducive to promotion. The document issued by the State Administration of Taxation will reduce the tax burden of power producers.””

According to the documents of the State Administration of Taxation, since July 1, 2014, the State Grid Corporation of China has purchased the power products of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, and the State Grid Corporation of China has issued invoices. If the monthly sales of power products of power producers exceed 20000, the enterprises affiliated to the State Grid of China will levy value-added tax according to 50% of the tax payable. Those with monthly sales of less than 20000 yuan can be exempted from value-added tax

According to the policy issued by the State Administration of Taxation last year, the collection rate is calculated at 3% from October 1, 2013 to December 3l, 2015. Take Takamatsu as an example. If the monthly sales amount is 30000, the tax he should pay is 30000 × 3% × 50% = 450 yuan

For each kwh of electricity generated by residents, the state subsidizes 0.42 yuan; The state uses the electricity price standard of desulfurized coal to purchase the self generated electricity that residents can’t use up, and the price is also 0.42 yuan per degree. Based on the average installed cost of 1 kW of a distributed photovoltaic power generation system of about 10000 yuan, if the average daily power generation of 8 kW system is 30 degrees and the household power consumption is 5 degrees per day (no more than the first gear electricity price of 0.52 yuan), the investment will be recovered in about 8 years

According to the same calculation method, the cost recovery of 10 kW distributed photovoltaic power generation device takes 9-10 years

Which commercial solar power generation system is better

Hello, if you have the conditions, you’d better choose monocrystalline silicon solar power generation system, which has high power generation efficiency and longer service life. Dejiu will answer for you

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What is the difference between passive solar system and active solar system

Passive solar systems use architectural design, natural materials or sound-absorbing structures as energy-saving systems. The building itself is also a device for solar energy collection and storage, such as thick walled stone or clay houses,

They absorb heat during the day; Gradually release heat at night. The requirements of passive system for outdoor equipment are almost zero. The active solar system needs to be equipped with an independent solar collector, a storage device, and a solar pump or fan (from the storage device when appropriate)

set up the middle to collect heat) control machine connected. In general, active solar systems will chestnut out the heat absorbing fluid medium (air, water or antifreeze) to flow through the collector. Collectors (such as insulated water tanks) vary in size and their operation depends on the number of cloudy days in the area. another

A heat storage system uses low eutectic (phase change) chemicals that can store large amounts of heat in a small area

How about the solar subsystem

The split solar energy water heater has three major systems: heat collector, heat storage tank, solar station and control center. The control center also includes two parts: solar station and expansion tank. In order to provide users with hot water, the whole split solar water heater must run smoothly through these three systems in order to realize the supply of hot water. However, the split solar water heater will also be affected by the weather, so in case of weak light, you need to turn on the function of electric heating, so as to ensure that hot water can also be used in cloudy and rainy weather

1. The best shelf position is ()

A the shelf parallel to the customer’s line of sight is the best place to place goods and attract the customer’s attention

In addition, the profits of goods placed on the shelves that are waist high and parallel to the knees are also relatively large. Menu bar — “”data”” — “”sort””

You can also click the icon a → Z is “”ascending”” and Z → A is “”descending””

Select the cells you want to sort first

How to choose a suitable solar power generation system

1、 First of all, we need to know the principle of grid connected photovoltaic power generation system and what equipment we need to use

A. Working principle of photovoltaic power generation system:

The high-performance solar cell modules are centrally installed on the roof through the support. After being connected in series and parallel, they form a solar best solar mounting system cell array. The solar cell array absorbs sunlight and generates DC. After passing through the photovoltaic inverter, it is transformed into AC for home use and uploaded to the power grid

B. system composition mainly includes: photovoltaic module, inverter, bracket, DC cable, AC cable, subsidy meter and two-way meter

C. the market price of photovoltaic system is generally 8-12 yuan per watt. The cost of installing 5kW solar power generation system in ordinary families is about 40000-60000 yuan

2、 In order to ensure 25-year power generation, try to choose first-line brands, and the price is not much more expensive than second and third line brands

First tier brands of components: Jingke, Trina Solar, Atlas, Jingao and Yingli

Inverter: Huawei, sunshine, Chint, kestar, jinlang, goodway, gurewat

Cable: golden cup

Electricity meter: provided by the power bureau free of charge

Note: now the distribution is in its infancy, and the first-line manufacturers are also expanding their market share. Qualified friends can directly get the complete set of photovoltaic power generation system equipment from the local dealers according to the purchase price, and then ask a professional installation company to install it. It can save more than 30% compared with the market price, and rest assured of quality and after-sales. The 5kW power generation system installed in my house has a higher power generation than originally expected