My First Glance at Windows Phone 7

Everyone has heard of Microsoft proper? What approximately Windows 7? Ok, what about the Windows Phone 7? Aha! If you haven’t heard plenty about Microsoft’s new telephone, it is probably as it has now not been launched. The release date for this new and excellent phone is in November. In this newsletter, I will speak approximately a number of the thoughts-blowing features of this exquisite new cellular tool from Microsoft. Many know that MS has not exactly been the front-runners inside the mobile smartphone race, however things are converting.


I need to jump to one of the most top notch functions of the Windows Phone 7. It’s known as the Outlook Life Tile. This amazing feature is part of the Outlook App for the WP 7. The Outlook Life Tile helps you to speedy see Mobiles accessories your crucial emails, flag emails, and open up a complete screen view of your email.


There is also a effective calendar element that lets in you to view your schedule in more than one calendars. You may be capable of sync your private and work calendars resultseasily.

Have a meeting scheduled and no instructions? No hassle. When you open your calendar and select a particular meeting, the vicinity-aware Windows 7 Phone affords you with a map as well as turn-via-turn instructions in your meeting. How pleasant is that?

Microsoft Office

The Office Live Tile is the region in which all your familiar office documents come collectively. Need to take notes for a meeting and ship them again for your office? Open Microsoft One Note, take some notes, and put up them back on your Sky Drive. Easy, right? In addition to workplace software use, you may get right of entry to Office files stored on your telephone, or seize documents immediately from a SharePoint server. The best element is that whilst you open a document to your Windows 7 Phone, it looks precisely like the model created on the pc.

Other Applications


Have Netflix at domestic? Me too. Microsoft has labored with Netflix to increase a killer app that lets in you to look at Netflix films for your Windows 7 Phone. Not handiest can you watch movies, you could examine a synopsis of the movie, see lately added films, and extra.


There should be plenty of super add-ons for this phone. One of the most diverse and interesting accesories will no doubt be cases and covers fpr the telephone.

Summary of Features

There are too many outstanding features of this cellphone to encompass in one article, however right here are some that ought to get your interest:

Relevant start screen, with all your vital stuff

Instant updates (It can easily update your fiend’s statuses on social networks like Facebook and Twitter)

Contacts, pix, video games, and track

Post you status as soon as and replace all networks

Find contacts quick (alphabetical tiles)

Instant Messaging constructed in

Pictures from your smartphone, laptop, and the web prepared in a single location

Share images instantly

All your music and videos from the radio, laptop, and net all to your phone

Zune capabilities built in

Wi Fi Syncing

Xbox Live Game Play

Bing seek from everywhere at the phone

One button maps and directions from the internet