Purple Prison – The Best Minecraft Prison


If you are looking for a Minecraft prison server, the best place to start is Purple Prison. With this prison server, you will be able to rob your way to the top while enjoying the PvP-free atmosphere. To make the gameplay more exciting, you can also choose to automate events that happen five times a day. Listed below are some of the best Prison servers in the game. This will ensure that you can have an excellent gaming experience while playing this game.

The first and the best feature of a prison server is the community. Hundreds of players can be found in one lobby, which is a great way to socialize. You can also sell and trade items using the auction house, which is easily accessible through the command “/ah.” This will allow you to sell your wares and earn cash. Many of the items you find in prison will be enchanted with exotic and useful properties that will greatly improve your game.

A good prison server will have a vibrant community. You will be able to play with hundreds of other players in the same lobby. The built-in auction house will allow you to sell anything you want and earn enough money to buy new items and equipment. You’ll have the opportunity to make some quick cash as well, which is very helpful in boosting your character’s reputation and brand. These servers are also a great place to make friends, so be sure to check them out before you join a server.

Another great feature of a prison server is the hierarchy. The player hierarchy reinforces your status and makes your game a lot more enjoyable. When you play on a prison server, you’ll also get special features, such as custom islands, missions, visual borders, and a GUI store. The topnotch staff at this server are very friendly and helpful, and will make your game experience even better. Aside from that, this is one of the best minecraft prison servers

A good prison server will have a vibrant community. You can interact with other players, which will give you more advantages and make your game more fun. Buying items from the auction house will make your game more interesting. As a bonus, you’ll be able to trade with different players. This will help you level up faster and get better at the game. This is one of the main advantages of the game. You can also earn extra money by purchasing other people’s items to improve your ranking in the game.

OP-Prison is one of the best OP-Prison servers. Despite its name, the server has no bugs and a great crew. You can explore a variety of exciting things in this server. It is also possible to build your own planet, which is great for exploring new places. You can also get a special pickaxe that generates hostile mobs and uses explosives to fight with them. If you’re looking for an OP-Prison server, this is probably the one for you.

As a free OP-Prison server, you can play with your friends and fellow players. You can make new friends and enjoy the PvP experience. Aside from that, these Prison servers are great for people who like to try out new things and aren’t afraid of PvP battles. They also have custom enchantments and weekly payouts. In addition, you can earn the ability to build buildings and other objects, which is a great way to earn some extra cash.

OP-Prison is the best prison server in the game. It has no bugs and a great crew. You can build buildings and use a pickaxe to kill mobs. You can also create your own custom enchantments. A great PvP server will have the most players. A PvP server will have many players and you can even customize them. However, you will have to pay for upgrades.

The OP-Prison server is the best OP-Prison. It was established in the early days of Minecraft and has all the features of the other popular Prison servers. It is cleaner than most, but still offers lots of unique features, including robots that will increase your rank. You can also find updates and regular revamps on MCPrison every few months. This server is a very good choice for many players because of its high quality and excellent community.