Vertical Jump Training: Training Requirements to Increase Vertical Jump Today

Want to shoot basketball first in your team? Are you trying to gain that competitive advantage in basketball and volleyball sports by increasing your vertical jump by more than an inch in a few months? Fortunately, vertical jumps can be significantly increased, regardless of innate genetics or natural jumping abilities. The bad news is that there are no quick fixes or easy hacks that can get there without hard work and extreme training. To increase vertical jumps, fast muscle fibers need to be strengthened and developed. This cannot be done without a solid vertical jump training program that provides at least:

Basic “regular” strength training program

It is very difficult for the average athlete to make great strides in building consistent nuclear power without the use of some kind of periodic technology.  vertical jump training This strategy allows a period of rest to trick growing muscles and avoid fatigue. Building fast muscle fibers is an exhausting process that requires a very difficult and fast power program. Increasing vertical jumps requires a rest period and a step-by-step approach to physically and mentally managing the required strength training program.
Vertical plyometric routine

Plyometric jump training provides the right amount of high-pass aerobic exercise needed to target the right muscle fibers used for explosive vertical jumps. Standard running and walking do not attack fast muscles. You need some kind of plyometric exercise, including all the important jumping movements used for sports and specific needs. For example, if you want to improve your volleyball sports jumps, you can focus more on exercising from a standing position down the stairs and exploding upwards. For basketball, it is advisable to attack more single-leg jumps and multi-position jumps used during the game.

WARNING: These routines need to be run at a very high rate to be effective, so make sure you are in good health to participate and avoid them for a long time. Depending on your current body conditioning level, we recommend doing up to 3 sets of each exercise in about 30 seconds to 1 minute per set.
Sufficient rest and recovery period

Unless you are a genetic “super freak”, you will not be able to build the muscles needed for an explosive jump every day. It’s important that your mental and physical needs bounce back. Otherwise you will be frustrated and all the benefits you make can easily be lost in a given program. Jump training is not easy and can be very stressful to your body. Don’t let your jump training program diminish all the benefits of months of hard work from overtraining, and don’t allow periods of recovery and reconstruction.